Bag Handlers FAQs

1. Is it safe being a Bag Handler?

We are a friendly service. Our mission is to serve the best secure and safe service to our bag handlers and customers.

1. Every person who books with Bagation leaves a digital fingerprint which makes it possible for us to identify the person. We track and save all digital trace (IP) and ensure identity on all customers by demanding the use of Credit Card before being able to drop any luggage.

2. We provide Social Profile access or email, name and phone number. In addition to this, every Bag handler is entitled to ask for ID if they feel it's necessary and are always in their right to be shown the contents of the luggage to ensure no illegal items are being stored in the luggage before leaving it at the shop.

‚ÄčThis ensure that Bagation is a safe and convenient way to store luggage.

2. What is the space needed to be a Bag Handler?

As long as you have a space to store one luggage, you are eligible to become a bag handler. However we recommend to have a space to store at least 3 or more luggages so that you will earn more as we pay you per piece of luggage.

3. How much income will I generate per luggage?

It depends on how much time the person stores their luggage with you. On average people will store 2-3 pieces of luggage for minimum 3 hours.

We give you a fixed commision per luggage per hour. Bag Handlers will receive 60% of booking payment while Bagation takes 40%.

4. How does it work? Is there any cash handling involved?

No. All done via online. When the travellers book their luggage into your place, they authorize Bagation to charge them for the hours spent storing their luggage. The moment you hand over their luggage and confirm a check-out, the receipt is sent to the customer online. There's no receipt or paperwork from your side.

5. What happens if the luggage gets lost, stolen or damaged?

We insure the luggage for you. Your only job is putting the luggage away from public access.