Travelers FAQ

Travelers FAQ

1.Is it safe to store my luggage through Bagation?

Bagation is a friendly community for travellers and our mission is to serve our customers with the best and most secure service. You can rest assured that your bags are perfectly safe with Bagation because:

1. Every bag handler who has an account with Bagation is required to fill in their bank and identification details, which leave a digital fingerprint. We track and save all digital trace (IP) and ensure identity for all bag handlers.

2. For every bag handler, we’ll provide you social profile access or email, name and phone number. Please do note that every bag handler is also entitled to ask for your  ID if they feel it’s necessary and are always in their right to be shown the contents of the luggage to ensure no illegal items are being stored on their property.

2. How does it work? Is there any cash handling involved?

No. All transactions are made online. When you book your luggage into a bag handler’s place, you authorize Bagation to charge them for the hours spent storing your luggage. The moment they hand over your luggage and you confirm a check-out, you’ll receive an online receipt. There’s no receipt or paperwork issued from the bag handlers.

3. What happens if the luggage gets lost, stolen or damaged?

Don’t worry, in the unfortunate event that something happens to your bag, we insure the luggage for you.

4. What happens if I go over my booking hours?

Bagation will notify you 30 minutes before your check time to remind you that your booking will end in 30 minutes. You can then extend your booking as required if there is a space left at the bag handler’s place. But it is your responsibility to keep track of your booking hours and failure to do so, will incur an additional fee.